In Store Music

You might not own a radio station, but having In Store Music is probably the next best thing.

With In Store Music your customers get to enjoy the ambience created by the music while the announcements they hear are all about your products, your promotions and your store events. No competitor messages. No negative news stories. No language warnings or risque music tracks. You are in total control of the listening environment.

The announcements your customers hear throughout the In Store Music program will be created according to your instructions. You tell us what to say. Our copywriters will tell you how to say it. After you approve the scripts we will record the announcements in our studios using professional voice over artists mixed with appropriate sound effects and music.

Finally we will work with you on the schedule to decide how often each announcement is to be replayed throughout the In Store Music program. This can be varied according to time of day and the nature of the announcement; for example a one-off sale day or an end-of-line clearance would get more exposure than an ongoing "image" announcement or a regular message about late night trading hours.

We will help you maximise the impact of your In Store Music program. You know your customers and what works for them. We are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists. Together we will create a unique sound experience.

To hear a selection of samples showing the style of announcements played during an In Store Music program, Click here.