Phone Messages

  • Free On Hold Message

    We can record a custom on hold message within 12 hours for you to review.

  • Messages On Hold

    If you have a phone need professional On Hold Messages!

  • Welcome Messages

    Image is everything. So make sure you greet your customers professionally.

  • After Hours Message

    Christmas, Holidays, Opening Hours...inform your customers professionally.

  • Menu Prompts

    IVR's or Menu Prompts guide your customers to the correct department quickly.

  • On Hold Hardware

    We have isolated the 2 best on hold players in the industry... the MOH1200 & 2000


Don't get all worked-up about writing the script for your On Hold Messages. Our copywriters will work-up a draft script for you. Tell us the main points you want to mention and we will write the full script. We will then email it for you to look over and approve or emend as required. No stress! You'll save lots of time and get a great program of professionally written On Hold Messages.


If you need to translate a foreign language script into English or get a foreign language version of an English script we will do that for you. We have copywriters and voice over artists who work in most modern languages so we can do the translation and the recording. Tell us what you need and we'll prepare a quote.


Our modern voice over studios are for hire complete with an in-house engineer- producer. The charges include access to our libraries of Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music. You'll find our rates are very low and we offer you the choice of directing the recording session yourself or having one of our experienced producers oversee the recording on your behalf. Just ask and we will prepare a quote.


If your telephone system uses an external player to replay On Hold Messages we recommend and supply the remarkable MOH1200. Probably the most reliable unit of any. It's a compact size and runs off a standard USB stick or thumb-drive. Updates are easily done by simply re-loading the thumb-drive. The MOH 1200 comes with a full 3-year warranty. If you need a machine to run your In Store Music program we supply the ever-reliable SC 2000.