In Store Music

Nothing worse than having the wrong music playing at your place. Bad language and offensive lyrics off the radio or iPod. Or boring, background "elevator" rubbish.

In Store Music lets you avoid those traps and makes you the DJ in charge. You know what your customers like so you consult with our team to select the music from our Royalty Free Music library.

There's no need for language warnings or "beeps" with our music tracks plus the announcements your customers hear will have been created under your instructions. Our copywriters will present the scripts for you to approve then our professional voice artists will record them.

We are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists. Our state-of-the-art voice over studios are located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

All this means that you are the one in charge of all the content your customers will hear playing on your In Store Music program. You pick the music. You decide on which promotions will be included and how often each announcement will run each day.

When it's time to update the messages or you want to make changes to the In Store Music program everything can be done online. Its fast and it's simple.

Find out by experiencing In Store Music at your place. To arrange you very own FREE 30 Day Trial, Click here.