Copywriting has been defined as an economy of words. In print media, where the term "copywriter" originated this remains the case. However when writing for the spoken word, the writer operates under a different discipline.

In audio much of the intended meaning is un-written. The pause, the inflection, the speed or tone all form part of the communication. An experienced voice over artist will exploit these techniques. But first the script must be written in a manner that enables him to inject his craft into the audio.

When you require a script to be written for any audio medium like radio, television, cinema, the internet or telephone we have the writers to complete the task. Simply provide us with your "brief" and our writers will get to work creating a first draft.

You might be currently working on a project and you or someone in the company might have already put something down on paper. Make it part of the brief and send it to us. Our professional copywriters will review it and see if needs a "little polishing" or maybe a complete re-write.

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