Making a Corporate Video can be hard work but it's always a fun job. That is until you have to find the right voice to go with the pictures. Too often good pictures are ruined by a marriage to the wrong voice! But don't ring the divorce lawyer just yet. (Should that be "di-voice lawyer"?). We have a pool of incredibly talented male and female professional voice over artists.

We have a voice that can take your Corporate Video out of the ordinary basket and straight to the top shelf. Go online and listen to samples of the male and female voice talent we have on our books. There are hundreds of samples for you to audition. To get started listening to our voice over choices Click here.

After you hear the voice you think is right for your project ask us to prepare a free online quote and we will send it to you without delay. To organise a free quote for your corporate video, Click here.

How easy is this? You've searched and found the voice plus got your quote and you haven't left the room.

Now when the quote meets your approval you might want to go a step further and have us prepare a FREE DEMO read using the voice talent you have chosen.

Send us your script, and we will have the voice talent read an extract from your script. We will then send you a link to our studio so you can replay the online FREE DEMO as often as you wish in your own time.

When all the budgeting is approved and your account is in order we will proceed with completing the voice recording in our digital studios located at Nerang on the Queensland Gold Coast.

You can direct the voice recording session at the studio in person or "live" over the telephone using a three way link between yourself, the voice talent and our studio engineer. Alternatively you can brief one of our experienced in-house producers to supervise the recording on your behalf.

After the voice is recorded we will send you a link to download the file. If you wish we can send you all the takes done in the session. Or we can send only the best takes. You can request to have the voice supplied as a "cold" read without any effects or music. Or we can send a completed mix using music you can choose from our extensive library of Royalty Free Music.

If you would like to know more about finding the right voice and making a great sound track for your corporate video we invite you to get in touch today. Click on the "Contact" label on this page or speak with us by using the "Give Us a Call" button.