Your customers, your suppliers and your staff can benefit from online education. But to create a worthwhile e-learning project, one that is going to demand and sustain audience attention, you simply have to have a professional voice over artist.

You don't need to spend a fortune on video content and graphics. Your "Power point" expertise can probably cover the visuals. But the audio component needs to be spot-on. That means hiring a professional voice over artist. Someone with the training and expertise to get your message across, without having people doze-off halfway.

When it comes to choosing the voice for your e-learning project we have him or her! We have a pool of talented and experienced professional voice over artists ready to record the audio part of your presentation.

To hear samples of our male and female voice talent Click here.

When you hear the "right" voice for your project, send us a copy of your script and we will reply with a FREE QUOTE to record the voce-over.

If the quote meets your approval and you want to go ahead you may also request a FREE DEMO and we will arrange for your chosen voice talent to record an extract from your script. Is this fool proof or what?

With everything approved and the final script in hand we will record the voice-over in our state of the art digital studio facilities located on the Queensland Gold Coast. You can be present to direct the voice recording session in person or "live" via a three way telephone hook up with you, the voice artist and our studio engineer. If you prefer you can delegate one of our studio Producers to direct the session for you.

When the recording is complete and if your account is all in order, we will send you a link to download the recording.

You can elect to receive a copy of the entire session or just the "go takes". Or you can instruct us to create a fully finished mix with music and sound effects.

Now it's probably time you spoke with us about getting started on choosing and recording the voice for your e-learning project. All you need to do is "contact" us today or call the telephone number located above on this page.