So you are looking for the right voice over talent for a radio campaign! What do you do? Panic? Or worse! Ask the same old studio. Listen to the same, lame show-reel? GET REAL!!

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Our line-up of professional voice over artists covers all styles, all ages, all sexes, well at least two and all genres from cartoon to corporate.

After listening to our samples if you are still unsure we will jump-in and recommend a voice or voices and supply an online FREE QUOTE.

Let's say you hear a voice you think might be "the one" but you are not fully convinced. What about a free demo? Well if your script(s) runs 60 seconds or longer we will arrange for your chosen voice to record an extract from your script FREE.

If after listening to all our voice samples on line and you are still searching for Mister or Miss Right we'll pull out all the stops and go searching on your behalf. We are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd so we have resources we can tap into to help resolve the issue.

Send us an exact brief on the voice you are searching for and we'll get to work using our associates throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, The UK, Asia and the USA. You can be sure, we will find your voice.