Yes the pictures are important, but don't skimp on the audio. The quickest way to wreck any good video is with a poor sound track. And choosing the right voice talent is paramount to great TV audio. That's where we come in.

We have a large stable of professional voice talent on our books and the number continues to grow along with the variety. Best of all you can hear them online now. To listen to samples of our television voice over artists Click here.

Whether you are looking for male or female voices of any age we can help. Do you need a corporate voice or one that is a little whimsical? Perhaps you're looking for a big booming "ring master" style or that up close and personal "insect whisperer delivery" like Sir David Attenborough. We've got the TV voice artists you need.

After you have listened to our voice samples online and you think you have found the voice for your project we will prepare an online quote for you. How easy is that?

Get started now by listening to samples of our professional voice over artists. Make a selection then to request a free quote, Click here.

Let's say you have decided on a particular voice talent and you have your free quote. But you want to be completely sure the voice you have chosen is perfect for your project. No problem, we will prepare a FREE DEMO. The only provision is your script or scripts must total a minimum length of 60 seconds.

We will have the voice artist(s) you have chosen record an extract from your script and process the recording in our studios. Then we will send you a link so in your own time, you can listen to the FREE DEMO on line.

This just has to be the easiest and fastest way to organise Television Voice Overs. You can audition the voice talent, request a quote, arrange a free demo read and it all happens online at the click of a mouse. It's simple and it's efficient because we are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists.

Go to the links we have highlighted above. Start by listening to samples of our male and female voice over artists and then request a free quote.